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Suhal & Dina: Family shoot

During early May, Jigisha and I were given the opportunity to capture the absolutely adorable family for Suhal & Dina Lad in the heart of Milton Keynes.

We were quite excited by this shoot as not only had we been trying to get a date booked in the diary for this to happen they were both very open to trying new and creative ideas.

Prior to arranging a date, we had an open dialogue between ourselves about what their experience has been so far with family shoots. Every photographer has their own way of working however we discovered rather quickly that a lot of 'family' photographers don't connect with the children they are trying to photograph, leaving  a sour taste in the mouth of most parents.

This is something Jigisha and I wanted to distance ourselves from right from the outset. Suhal, Dina, Ethan & Eshani are a very fun loving, warm and affectionate family and this is something I wanted to visualise in their photos. I had the pleasure of visiting Suhal and Dina at their home in Milton Keynes and was amazed to find a multitude of interesting patterns and colours throughout their home and it dawned on me....what better location to capture the essence of this family than the comfort of their own home.

Having the shoot take place at home was of added benefit to the children as they were around familiar territory, this made working with them a dream and they then relax and be themselves which an be quite difficult for kids in a studio setting. It also allowed the family to change outfits which added a further dimension to the shoot.

We are really pleased for Dina and Suhal, the feeling of showcasing their family pictures is a great one. We were trusted to capture the things they hold dear to their hearts and in return we preserved the moments that I'm sure they will treasure for a lifetime.

Thank you for letting us document your family moments.

If you would like a family shoot with your family or would like us to visually tell your story, why not get in contact and explore how we can best capture and preserve your memories

Mez & Jigisha Solanki

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