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Ryan & Kian | Baby shoot at home

Jigisha and I were honoured to be chosen to shoot Kian & Ryan. Twin boys of Rishi & Usha Mistry. 

Let me start by saying that even at 5 weeks old you could definitely see their personalities shining though. Baby photography has its own unique set of challenges. Most shoots follow a set time schedule and agenda, however when your photographic subjects are newborns you quickly learn to fit around their needs and timescales.

Having discussed their requirements, we decided to do the shoot when both boys were well fed and asleep. This would mean that we would be able to position both boys in the ways we wanted.

The shoot took place at their  home, this had the benefit of both boys being in comfortable surroundings and allowed Usha to cater to any needs that her sons required. Ryan's  acute sense of awareness meant that he knew something was happening that day and his curious nature meant that he wanted to stay awake, this in turn lead to some amazing images of him looking straight into the camera capturing all his innocence and youth.

Kian's nature made him a pleasure to work with. Once asleep you can't help but to look and wonder in amazement as to what he must be dreaming about, it isn't long before his eyes open sheepishly to check on his brother before they close again.

Thank you Rishi & Usha for letting us capture your boys. They are beautiful.

If your considering capturing precious images of your children , family, maternity or even yourself, why not get in contact and discuss your requirements with us.

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