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Rema Panchal: Maternity Shoot

Maternity photography doesn't have to be boring

Maternity photography can be a bit of a grey area, on the one hand clients want to capture the beauty that mother nature affords them however on the other hand they can be self concious about their form. This often results in a combination of awkward poses and unimaginative shoots which don't capture the clients desire or result in abnormal poses.

Just go to Google image search and search for "Maternity Photography" and you'll soon see what I'm talking about. Some images are great and a lot are repetitive, uncomfortable or just plain boring.

It doesn't have to be like this and we were recently given the opportunity to prove this thanks to Rema Panchal. 

Setting up the shoot

Rema, who was 7 months into her pregnancy, spoke to us on numerous occasions and we went back and forth with various ideas we had and luckily for us she was more than up for it.

As we were with them for the entire day, we decided we would do 3 different types of shoots each with its on unique style, 1) Shoot at home 2) Studio shoot and 3) On location.

Their first shoot was a natural, documentary style of shoot we call "Shoot at Home" This type of shoot captures the subject in the beauty and convenience of their own home. This keeps subjects relaxed as they are in their comfort zone. It also allows interactions with loved ones, in this case, Sunit (Rema's husband) and Maya (Daughter).

Studio photography is a common ask with families. This usually compromises of a black for white background, standard group photos. We brought along a portable backdrop and lighting to effectively create a studio in their own home. We were keen to keep a creative edge to this type of shoot however I was concerned if Rema was tired or in any discomfort however she was in her element.

The next stage of the shoot was my personal favourite type of shoot - "On Location". Being in the heart of rural Berkshire, We thought it would be great idea to take Rema out into their beautiful surroundings. We discussed a few places however Sunit came up with an idea to do the shoot in natural woodlands close to their home.

While setting up Sunit noticed team of horses grazing nearby, this was just the backdrop we needed. Carefully and quietly we moved around the horses and the results were phenomenal. 

If you're thinking about a creative photoshoot why not get in touch. We offer a unique style of photography whether it be for families, maternity, lifestyle or just about anything you may need. We can offer a bespoke service to suit your requirements and open to discussing any ideas you may have.

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