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Pritesh & Hema: Family shoot at home

When asked by Pritesh, a successful Digital Marketer and good friend, to take images of him for his website, I never knew it was going to break into a full on family shoot.

This shoot took place quite a while ago, way before Jigs and I launched Dharma Images. Most of the people in my friends circle knew of our interest in photography and it wasn't unheard of for some of them to want images of themselves or family when they came to visit us. 

The shoot started simple enough, Pritesh had brought in some panel lights which he managed to get his hands on (at the time we did not have any of our own lighting) which lit his front room up nicely due the large open space and flat walls. As Pritesh described the type of shots he wanted he was watched eagerly by his eldest son Dylan, 4.

I could see his sense of excitement when I told him to stand with his dad for a photo, after that shot, well it all acceded from there. Whatever Dylan wants to do....Kailen does too. Kailen is Dylan's younger brother, 1. 

"Look at the ball...look at the ball!!!"

With Pritesh's wife, Hema not far behind what started as a corporate photo shoot turned onto a fun filled family frolic of a photo shoot. The kids loved it - Dylan especially who decided being in front of the camera is not enough....he wanted to direct the shoot, and so he ran up the stairs to his room, grabbed a small ball and rejoined us.

Standing next to me looking innocent, he takes it upon himself to hijack the shoot. Thrusting the ball in the air he starts to direct the photoshoot by shouting at his mum and dad to "Look at the ball...Look at the ball" ( I usually say "look at this camera when shooting with multiple cameras).

Not content with directing Dylan gives me a run for my money when he decides he now wants to be the photographer and brings down a fisher price toy camera down from his room and asking me to stand aside.

This is such a fun family to be around much of this is down to Hema and Pritesh who know how to whip up excitement in their kids. This is something that you just don't find in a studio shoot. The kids are in the comfort of their own home, in an environment they know because of this the smiles are genuine and the moments are natural.

Thank you for letting us shoot you guys. It was awesome.

If your thinking of a family shoot or any other type of shoot then why not get in touch. We tailor our shoots around you. Why not get in touch and we can talk about how to tell your story, visually.

M & J

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