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Navratri 2014

Navratri is a Gujarati (Indian) word meaning "Nine nights". It is a nine night celebration of good over evil.

Traditionally, communities get together in all their finery to celebrate this auspicious period by set dances around an central or group of idol. I love this time of year...people from all over together, mingle, make plans, laugh, joke and dance. Some of the social hardcore attend this 9 night bonanza every evening without fail, for others the main days are the weekends when work commitments do not provide the time pressures of a late night.

This something about an event like this that is warming to the soul. Its a fun time for all the community, old and new. Bonds are made, stories are told, hugs are given and blessings made.

Each year there's always a pull for me to attend events like this, not only it is awash with brightly coloured dresses and warm smiles, it also marks the time I first met my wife.


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