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Cambridge Visit

Not all our shoots are for others, Jigs and I stay sharp by constantly shooting. We decided to take our camera on a recent day trip to Cambridge.

The day was extremely nice and we had to make the most of it. Being based in Buckinghamshire meant that Cambridge did not take us long to reach. Neither of us had been before or had any plans on what to do once we got there, the day was totally off the cuff.

Cambridge is beautiful. It's really hard to describe actually but I'll have a go. The feel you get by visiting Cambridge is best described as quintessentially British.  The town is quaint and friendly and the architecture of the area has an old world charm that's been maintained and brought right up to date.

Cambridge has historical connections with education thanks to the University which in turns injects youth and tourism into the town. You cannot escape the fact that tourism is a major industry of Cambridge - tourist love it. Asian, European and American tourists are in abundance in some small part due to "Wills & Kate" - The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and future King and Queen.

Cambridge is a cycle friendly place, its not uncommon to see an large number of cyclists in and around the town. Its quite refreshing to  to see that the motorists acknowledge and respect the presence of them on the road.


By the river in Cambridge town is a Thai street-food restaurant called Thaikhun (pronounced Tycoon!). The food in this place was fantastic, tasty and reasonably priced but what struck me the most is the amount of effort the owners had gone to recreate a feel that makes you think your in some back street  bar & eatery in Thailand.

Many restaurants invest in high quality furniture and décor to create a luxury eating experience however Thaikhun doesn't aim for that fine-dining experience. It sells itself on being authentic. I loved the minimal décor, corrugated-tin shack roofing, wooden side placards  and old doorways, I couldn't resist and started taking pictures after I had finished my meal.

I attracted the attention of the manager (who you would think was Thai but he certainly wasn't!). I introduced myself as a customer and got into a conversation about the ambience he wanted to create and how it was different from other Thaikun's in other cities.

River Punting

A trip to Cambridge isn't complete without doing river punting. As soon as you get near the river you'll be accosted by one of the many individuals asking 'Excuse me, are you looking for some punting"  -      For those that are unaware River punting is what you know as a boat ride with a gondola - a man (or in many cases a woman) that pushes and steers the boat with a large pole.

This 45-minute river cruise took us along the river passing the many educational institutions and architecture. When you have an idea of punting through the river in your head, you don't think about all the other people that  that the same thought......I never thought river congestion was a thing however the river got busy with as much as 16 other river-punting boats. We had a skilled punter at the helm of our boat and he steered his way though with ease however it was humorous to watch some of the "have a go" punters. These are people that hire the boat and decide to have a go at the punting themselves - brave soles we almost saw a couple of individuals in the water!.

All in all a lovely day!

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